Flying Platform Kit

Enter the twenty first century of advertising with your very own flying platform!

The Flying Platform kit can provide you with the tools to experience an exciting dimension of flying.  As a completed flying platform you will have an ability to move freely through the air above the ground in a multi-directional motion.

While flying the platform you can virtually move in any direction desired. There is no need to find an airport or a runway to land on.

Why not land in your own back yard? Keep your platform in your garage. There are unlimited uses for your platform and access to locations previously unavailable to you.

For a hunter, or explorer, fisherman or even a gold prospector the reason of travel is unlimited.

Come join us today in the exciting journey of exploring new horizons in flight.


Flying Platforms, LLC
1477 Lake Grove Road NW
Unit# 2-C
Placid Lakes, Florida 33852

Phone: (863) 381-5349

the Amazing Flying Machines

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