Amazing Flying Machine

Hiller_VZ-1_Pawnee_(2)In the 1940’s Charles H. Zimmerman came up with this idea to make a flying platform that would revolutionize the world. His concept was proven, developed by a few individuals for the US military, and became known as the Hiller Flying Platform in the 1950’s when the US army thought this would be a great platform for soldiers. Unfortunately, having the advantage of your combatants is awesome, but alone in the air, left the pilot the easiest of targets.

Nearly 75 years later, we at the Flying Platform, LLC have re-created the concept with our own unique design made strictly for the enthusiast. Our Flying Platform utilizes space age technology, is lighter, comes as an affordable kit that any experimental enthusiast could easily put together, and it is in a word, awesome!

Experimental aircraft come and go, our concept is tried and true. We have updated the development, but the never give up, drive to be unique, the individualism in our Flying Platform, well those are qualities one just has to experience for himself.

Our product, The Flying Platform, is the Harley Davidson, the Stingray Corvette, and the lunar landing craft all rolled up into one tight package that is safe, easy to use, and just out and out cool.

For more information, please contact Mr. Roger Bacon at or call him right now to discuss how you can get one of these Amazing Flying Machines!

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